Games Developer Manchester Festival

Sounds cool? No worries, apparently we’re cool too so we’ll fill you in. Friday 5th June will be the inaugural iPlayGaming, a new type of festival: Games & Grill – born in Manchester this summer, with potentially more events happening across the North. Lo-fi but very definitely high-jinks, there will be retro booths throughout the venue and us lot, showing off Beyond Flesh and Blood! Yep! We’re really happy to announce that a few members of the team will be taking a PC build down to show off the demo, and allow gamers to see our very Pixelbomb vision of Manchester – the heart of an epic, new, British sci-fi tale told though PC and next gen gaming.

An awesome local gamer, Michael Davies, is organising the event at the popular gig and club venue Gorilla, famous for serious phatty burgers in Manchester and one of the widest selection of grown-up gin in the city.

Michael spoke to Mancunian Matters recently about the sheer enthusiasm and sell-out potential, before even confirming the floor plans. He says one of our N64 favourites is there too… “Like with Goldeneye, everyone remembers playing Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Street Fighter, that’s where the main interest seems to be.

“We’ve had a lot of communication from people in Manchester, people wanting different things, and it seems like retro games are where people see the fun being.”

The poster is already out and about and if you’re not quick, the tickets will go real fast. iPlayGaming will be taking over Gorilla from 6pm to the wee hours.

Pixelbomb Games